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More than ten years ago Susan Conza laid the foundation for today’s asperger academy: “In twofold’s in-house talent factory we train people with Asperger syndrome to become the professionals of tomorrow in the fields of design, coding and interactive media design.”

Susan Conza has Asperger syndrome and knows first-hand the challenges people with Asperger face in the working world. In her successful career, especially in the early stages, she missed not having individual training tailored to her skills and needs and then targeted promotion of her potential.

With the founding of the training center, she set out to accomplish precisely this. In the multiplicity and diversity of humans there lies huge potential for society and the economy. The task of the asperger academy is to help shape independent and talented people who will open up new perspectives for society.

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EFZ* Courses

IT Application Development

As an application developer you usually work in a team with other professionals. You assess the problem, work out possible solutions and point out their advantages and disadvantages. Then you implement or program the optimal solution and test it thoroughly before it is introduced.

Interactive Media Designer

As an interactive media designer, you develop creative concepts for clients with digital projects. You help determine the content, develop the design and contribute to the creation of digital and interactive communication media such as websites or apps and motion design. For example, you design applications for smartphones, tablets and computers and make sure they are user-friendly.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are creative professionals for printed media, digital and interactive surfaces and three-dimensional applications. But the range of services you provide as a graphic designer goes far beyond designing and creating. You also analyze and organize information, develop concepts and coordinate production processes.

*EFZ is a Swiss federal certificate of proficiency

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